"So Why You Ain't Tell Me You Got a Girlfriend...?"

Why is it that when you get a new girlfriend, your exes pop up asking why you didn't get at them about it? LOL... like it's your duty to inform them of you moving on with your life? I mean it's one thing if ya'll still talking, still having sex, etc... but if I haven't talked to you in six months, what gives you the impression that I should just call you up and say "hey, just wanted to let you know, I'm dating someone new..."?

This post is going to be about exes and all the funny, rude, interesting things they've said to me since I've been with Nicole...

"So you love her now? I guess I ain't nobody to you no more..."
You were nobody to me before I loved her... LOL... my disdain for you comes not from having loved Nicole but from you acting like a huge bitch... two very independent facts that have nothing to do with each other...

"So you get a girlfriend and all of a sudden, you can't call nobody?"
I don't remember us talking in the year since we've broken up... you look on Facebook and see that I'm in a relationship and now all of a sudden, you're missing "what we had"? LOL... yeah, ok...

"I never stopped loving you... maybe if things don't work out with you and her, we can give it another chance..."
Ummmmmm... I'ma go with no... LOL... you had your chance to come back to me and didn't, so why would you choose to come back now just because I got a girl? You was nowhere to be seen when I was single... we broke up for a reason... and trust me, if me and Nicole were to break up, relationships will be the last thing from my mind as i would probalby turn into a huge man-whore...

"Well, I'm happy for you..."
This seemingly innocent quote is almost always full of sarcasm and evil... I mean, it's one thing if you're genuine about my happiness but when you just have that certain look in your eye or that twinge in your voice, I'ma always look at you sideways...

Why do exes always have that complex that you shouldn't be happy unless you're with them (even if they don't want you...) I'm guilty of this myself... I'll come across a picture of my ex with her new dude and will say "You bitch... I hope he gives you AIDS..." I know it's not right and I don't mean it (all the time) but why do we feel like our exes shouldn't be happy just because we weren't happy with them (or they weren't happy with us)?


  1. "You bitch...I hope he gives you AIDS" hahhahahahhaha don't you ever say that out loud to someone

    I only talk about my exes when they don't do as well as me or better; if the new chick looks whackadocious, I'm going in on him. It's more so to have something to laugh at, not me being jealous. If we are no more, like you said, it's for a reason LOL

  2. lmao at the aids geez thats harsh!

  3. @ Assertive Wit LOL... nah, I'ma never say it out loud... I would never play myself that hard... but yeah, I def feel you on talking junk about the new chick... dudes can't get away with that though... LOL...

  4. @Boppa I know, I know... I only said it about one chick... it was just a crazy situation... a N' was still hurting... LOL