"Ummm Nah, I'm Good..."

How do you tell the woman you love that her taste in clothing sucks?

Ok, let me rephrase that... while Nicole is a very fashionable person in relation to her clothes and the clothes she picks out for other people, when it comes to me, to put it plainly,she fails... of all the things she's bought me since we've been together, I've only liked two items and one I picked out...

Everything else, the red polo with the way-too-long sleeves, the rust-orange-and-black plaid shirt, the green shirt with the Ed Hardy type graphic to go with the black jeans that are WAAAAAY too fucking big... and that doesn't count all the other items she TRIED to get me... *sighhhhh* if she was somebody who just had poor taste in general, this wouldn't be that hard... but the fact is, she has really good insight when it comes to dressing herself... but when it comes to me, I just... ionno... bless her heart, she tries but she fails miserably...

I'm a simple type dude so it's not like I'm that hard to shop for... but I like certain colors, certain cuts... and I've explained this to her but she still is intent on dressing me like some other guy... LOL... I don't know if this is just how her exes dressed or something but it's just not my style...

So I need some insight... how do I tell her to stop buying me clothes (without my prior knowledge) without coming off as mean or ungrateful? I'm only asking because chances are if I go off of my own natural instincts, we're gonna break up again... LOL... I'm not always the most tactful in situations like this... I appreciate it ahead of time...



  1. take her shopping when you go shopping and kinda show her as opposed to always feeling like you have to her.

  2. I agree with Stephanie.
    Other than that I know of no other way but to just tell her that you feel she is dressing you according to the next man and then explain your taste as far as your favorite colors and patterns and cuts.
    She'll be upset, that's pride, but if she wants you to enjoy her gifts sincerely then she'll have to get over it.
    Things mustn't always be a petty argument.

  3. @stephanie... that's a pretty good suggestion... it always works with sneakers... anyway... when it comes to clothes, it's like she's not listening though... LOL... thanks for the suggestion...

  4. @The Virgin Queen, we've had conversations about the clothes she picks out but I just see the annoyance on her face... and I dont' want it to get to the point where she stops buying me things and I don't want to seem like I'm ungrateful (you know how some people are: "you should be happy to get anything at all...") but yeah, your'e right... she might just have to be upset... LOL... thanks for the suggestions...

  5. well seeing as she seems to get easily offended maybe you should preface your statement with a caring appreciative approach like just showing her things that you consider stylish and kinda guiding her into the right directions. she learned how to drive, brush her teeth, and push your buttons im sure she can learn your style well enough!

  6. @Bopperlicious, sounds like a plan... I guess I'll do a combination of the three and see it how it goes...

  7. classic situation. you remind me of me with the not being so tactful thing. i guess we both gotta learn that. i agree with the other commenters that going shopping with her is a good look. i would also recommend telling her by first highlight the good. tell her that you really appreciate what she does and that she thinks of you when she's out. once you have said this, it won't be as hard for her to hear that her "taste in clothing sucks."

  8. @mr. nichols, I took your advice and it worked like a charm... LOL... definitely gonna tuck that one in the memory bank to use again...